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New Immigration Legislation gives DACA Recipients Hope

New York-based newspaper, The wall street journal reported that senators John McCain and Christopher Coons planned to introduce a new immigration legislation law. John McCain is a Republican senator representing Arizona State while Coons is a Democrat senator from Delaware. This move is meant to be passed before the Federal government budget gets finished.

The legislation comes as good news to the beneficiaries of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). The beneficiaries are also known as Dreamers. Under the proposed program, DACA recipients are poised to get citizenship in the United States. The legislation is also meant to roll out measures that will be undertaken to ensure that the borders are secure. DACA was created to protect immigrants who entered the country when they were young from eviction. Sources close to the Senate informed the newspaper that this move would see people who have stayed in the country since December, 31st 2013 gain citizenship.

According to the publication, this move is similar to another bipartisan house legislation by Will Hurd and Pete Aguilar. Senator McCain said that Senate should act fast and pass the budget as this will give them the opportunity to provide service to the members of the disciplined forces. He explained that while the bill concerning the disciplined troops may take longer to be passed, this specific one about DACA members should be passed as soon as possible. He called for bipartisan efforts to ensure that this legislation comes to fruition.

The paper further revealed that the proposed legislation has no funds allocated for building the southern border wall. This wall was one of the critical facets of President Donald Trump’s manifesto, and its lack of fund allocation in the new legislation is likely to not auger well with some Republicans. This move is also meant to see many immigrants get permanent citizenship. This again is against President Trump’s campaign message.

Last month White House announced that the President had consented to provide citizenship to about 1.8 million young people who have been living in the country without official citizenship. This is seen as one of the primary changes in the immigration department.
In January this year, the federal government came to an operational halt after the Democrats and Republicans failed to agree on the government expenditure. The Democrats refused to support the bill as they felt it didn’t give a solution to DACA.

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