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A New Celebrity Trend or a Calling? – Celebrities’ Fascination with the Kabbalah

More and more non-Jewish celebrities are becoming increasingly fascinated with the Kabbalah ever since Madonna exhibited great interest in it. Considering that the Kabbalah is a spiritual (some would argue religion) teaching, this new rising trend among celebrities who are not known for spirituality is raising eyebrows.

What is the Kabbalah?

Kabbalah is an ancient set of Jewish wisdom teachings that are considered the soul of the Torah. These teachings are claimed to connect their learners with the creator and give a clearer perspective of how the world and the universe work.

The Kabbalah was once accessible only to practicing Jews aged at least 40 years. However, the late Rabbi Philip Berg made it accessible to everyone when he set up the Kabbalah Center in Hollywood.

An Enticing Mystery

Many celebrities haven opened up about studying the Kabbalah for its alleged wisdom mysteries. The list includes notable names such as Madonna, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Sammy Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Paris Hilton, and Marilyn Monroe. Some celebrities have become so fascinated that they have converted to Judaism while others have strengthened their Christian heritage.

Each celebrity has had a different experience after studying the Kabbalah. For some celebrities such as Paris Hilton, studying the Kabbalah has been a way to cope with hardships such as her breakup with Nick Carter. For others, however, it has had a much deeper effect.

Sandra Bernhard, for instance, said that studying the ancient teachings helped her eliminate about 80% of the chaos in her life of fame. The late Sammy Davis, on the other hand, said that the Kabbalah was a way for him to connect with the 5000-year-old Jewish history and heritage. He felt that he connected with the Jewish people’s suffering over the years owing to his heritage as an African American. Elizabeth Taylor shared just as much passion for the heritage and became a vocal supporter of Israel when she became interested in the Kabbalah.


Conservative Jews and rabbis have been critical of non-Jewish people’s, and particularly celebrities’, interest in studying the Kabbalah. They have been skeptical of the celebrities’ intentions considering the cases of celebrities such as Britney Spears who viewed the teaching as a shelter only for tough times.


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