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Members Of Alt-Right Group Attempt Citizen’s Arrest On London Mayor

Supporters of the far-right, carrying American flags attempted to execute a ‘citizen’s arrest’ noted Trump critic and London Mayor Sadiq Khan. Khan was giving a speech to the liberal Fabian Society in the capital city of the United Kingdom Saturday when the protests began.

The group of protesters, members of a group calling themselves the White Pendragons, shouted slogans in support of Trump and Brexit and were able to successfully disrupt Khan’s speech.

It is apparent that the group was not appreciative of statements made by Khan on Friday in response to United States President Donald Trump canceling a visit to London. Khan remarked that Trump must have “got the message.”

An apparent member of the Pendragons posted a video to twitter from the scene of Khan’s speech and reported that they had arrived to make “non-violent citizen’s arrest.”

Security was finally able to expel the protesters who were then escorted from the premises while being jeered and heckled by the pro khan crowd.

One protester refused to leave and warned security not to touch him under the threat of filing criminal charges.

Khan was reportedly seen flipping through a newspaper while seated in a nearby seat while awaiting the commotion’s end. Once the last Pendragon had been led away Khan made another remark that was sure to anger hardcore Trump supporters.

Khan apologized to the crowd for the distractions of supporters of what he would refer to as a “stable genius.” Khan’s remark was in response to a self-description made by Trump via Twitter.

The feud between Trump and Khan reached a fevered pitch last summer when Trump was critical of Khan’s calling for calm following a terror attack on a London Bridge that left eight dead.

President Trump voiced his displeasure with Khan again through Twitter.

In response to the attack by Trump, Khan told the BBC that there would be no allowance for President Trump or anyone to “divide our community.”

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