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Maggie Gill’s Leadership Skill’s Recognized By Her Peers

When The Georgia Medical Society announced that two physicians, the Infectious Disease Response Team and multiple Memorial University Medical Center (MUMC) team members won Health Care Hero awards on November 1st, 2016, CEO Maggie Gill was gratified that their exceptional work was recognized. On the hospital’s website, Gill is quoted as saying “We are very proud of our winning physicians and Team Members. They have dedicated their careers to improving the health and well being of our entire community. Their work not only benefits all of us today, it will also impact the next generation.”

Gill, who has been with MUMC since 2004; she started out as a VP of finance, quickly becoming COO in 2005. In 2011, MUMC needed a president and CEO with both management and finance skills, so they turned Gill, whose education and experience made her the ideal senior leader for the hospital. Recognizing Gill’s leadership skills, she was included in Becker’s Hospital Review’s 135 Nonprofit Hospital And Health System CEOs To Know and their 130 Women Hospital And Health System Leaders To Know in 2016.

Maggie Gill, as CEO, is directly responsible for physician relations, the Heart & Vascular Institute, corporate communications and a host of other programs and services that the hospital provides, including trauma services and finances. Finances are especially important to Gill in face of the government’s lower reimbursements for care, including Medicaid cuts. Additionally, Memorial is the only hospital in the region providing charity care and even some of the patients with insurance are unable to pay the hospital because they have a high deductible. Telling Savannah Now her Pathways to Excellence plan had already identified savings of more than $12 million for the hospital, Gill expressed satisfaction with partner Premier Inc., a health care provider improvement firm and the Pathways program’s results to date.

Outside of the office, Gill enjoys spending time with her husband and two children; they enjoy hiking and fishing in the scenic Savannah countryside.

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