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Louis Chenevert Leaves An Indelible Mark At The United Technologies Corporation (UTC)

When leaders leave an organization, their memories are quickly forgotten. However, this is not the case with Louis Chenevert, a transformative leader whose legacy at UTC continues to be envied. Chenevert is a business executive and innovator whose portfolio projects massive success. His career highlight includes enhancing the growth of United Technologies Corporation (UTC), a company worth $100 billion, where he served as the president and CEO. Initially, Louis worked for General Motor as the general manager of St. Therese operation. Later, he joined Pratt & Whitney, a business unit of UTC. After working for the company for 6 years, Louis was appointed to serve as the president of the entire division, a position he held for 7 years before being elected the president and CEO of UTC.

Within a year, Louis Chenevert had achieved tremendous success. One of his achievements at UTC is the acquisition of Goodrich. He led the acquisition negotiations that resulted in purchase the company at a consideration of $18.4 billion. Louis fueled growth at UTC by investing in technology and people. His mission was to see the company grow and soar to greater heights. To promote a culture of investing in people, Louis spearheaded UTC’s Employee Scholar Program. This program supports employees interested in advancing their education in various fields. Since 1996, over 40,000 UTC employees have benefited from the program, as they have graduated with degrees in their respective fields. Chenevert allocated resources to cutting-edge technologies for purposes of promoting innovation.

The other notable achievements made by Louis Chenevert include success of Pratt & Whitney’s tender to supply F-35 engine to the US government and building the GTF engine that cost $10 million. Under the visionary leadership of Chenevert, Sikorsky, an aerospace unit of UTC, grew to become the leading helicopter manufacturer in the US. These impressive achievements were highlighted by Forbes, which mentioned that Chenevert was responsible for the success of the company. It went on to state that the leader has increased the market share of UTC. The celebrated leader left UTC in 2014. He was succeeded by Edward Kangas, who was an independent director. At UTC, Louis established a solid foundation that has continued to deliver impressive results even in his absence. Presently, he is an exclusive advisor at the Merchant Banking Division of Goldman Sachs Group. He targets opportunities in the industrial and aerospace industries.

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