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Lime Crime Works With Resolve To Enter Chines Market

Lime Crime cosmetics, the fast-rising brand created by innovative marketing maven Doe Deere, recently launched in China. Due to unique Chinese market dynamics, Doe Deere and her team were forced to take a more nuanced approach. The Chinese market offers great opportunities, but there are several challenges as well. The government requires animal testing before products can be sold wholesale. To get around this, Lime Crime’s marketing team will offer Chinese consumers direct to their door service. To overcome the logistical nightmare, tax and duty hassles and international returns, the cosmetics company is now partnering up with Revolve, an LA based e-commerce platform.

Doe Deere and Lime Crime’s staff also have to respond to millions of new clients speaking a foreign language and countless counterfeiters trying to sells knock-offs. Lime Crime’s partnership with Revolve will allow it to overcome the language barrier and ensure Chines consumers get exactly what they want. To counter the counterfeiters Lime Crime’s marketing team used their outstanding online marketing skills, social media communications and their website to cultivate a ‘seed audience’ in China. These passionate Chinese unicorns were made aware that authentic Lime Crime products are only available through the Revolve e-commerce fashion platform and given links and guides to connect to it.

Two hours before the official launch, Lime Crime’s marketing team encouraged the passionate seed audience of influencers to begin spreading word about the impending launch of the brand online. Lime Crime’s marketing efforts have always focused heavily on the internet. The brand’s launch in China has employed this effective strategy to make this burgeoning new market aware of its presence. Lime Crime’s partnership with Revolve is a perfect match. Revolve has just begun to market beauty products and they’re appealing to Lime Crime’s customer base. It’s a win-win.

Innovative, alternative ideas and practices have always been at the heart of Lime Crime’s marketing strategy. Their synergistic pairing with Revolve and unleashing their seed audience’s online blitz is just the latest example of the company’s creativity in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles standing between Lime Crime and consumers that love its products.

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