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Lime Crime Continues To Find Inventive Ways To Grow And It’s Exciting

LimeCrime is an ever-growing cosmetics company that has been making it big online and in physical stores. Some of its lines have become quite popular, especially amongst millennials who represent one of the largest shopping groups in the US and across the world. The company started small, but it certainly has been growing for some time, which has forced it to make changes to accommodate its growth. One change that stands out is the way it launched in China.

LimeCrime’s Kim Walls, who is the General Manager, talked to the National Retail Federation about the challenges the company faced and how it managed to overcome them in a peculiar way. Walls knew that China’s market was vital for the company, but it also knew that China’s regulations were going to present a challenge for the company. For one, the country mandated that all cosmetics sold wholesale had to be tested on living creatures, but the LimeCrime brand does not do that.

The brand has pledged no animal cruelty, and it says it is a vegan brand. Sure, the company could avoid this issue by shipping from the US, but that could get quite troubling due to logistics, duties, taxes, and dealing with returns. It should be noted that the company has also been dealing with fakes, and shipping from the US made this issue even more prevalent.

LimeCrime solved the issue by partnering with Revolve, which is a popular e-commerce fashion platform. This means that Chinese customers were simply re-routed to purchase from Revolve so they could make sure the product they were receiving was legitimate.

The word spread in China like wildfire since the announcement was made online. Many excited Chinese customers could not wait to get their hands on Lime Crime’s cosmetic line knowing that it was coming from a source they could trust. Many fans of the product had been taken advantage of by counterfeiters, and that did not sit well with Walls nor anyone else in the company.

There is no doubt that the company was ready to expand in China, and thankfully, it found a way to do so without sacrificing its vegan values, which are pretty important for fans of the product. Who knows what other markets are going to be getting the opportunity to try Lime Crime’s line and all the things it can do.

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