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Lawyers and Law in Brazil and The Need to Know on Ricardo Tosto

Lawyers and Law in Brazil

During the year of 2007, there were plenty of courses of Law in Brazil, in fact there were 1,024 with a total amount of law students equaling out to 197,664. In Brazil, there are schools of law that are within all the states. The US however, had only 180 schools of law at that time. During the time of 2010, there were 621,885 lawyers within Brazil.

In the country, law is considered to be one of the more saught out careers and the course itself is even thought of as being prestigious and very promising. Every student of law knows that it is a very long process to get into law, because of the fact that after 5 years of schooling, they might have the knowledge that they would need in order to go after any of the professions in law that they would want, but they would first have to pass the needed examination. This examination comes from the Bar Association of Brazil.

During the year of 2007, the median income overall for the Brazilian lawyers was stated to be R$ 35,120/year. The starting median income being lower of course at R$ 20,040 and then the top median income was determined to be at R$ 3,000,000. During this same period of time, the Brazilian judge was stated as having an overall median income that was R$ 170,000. For the prosecutors, the overall median income was R$ 150,000.

Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto happens to be known for being the most prominent of leaders and strategists witin Brazilian legal practice. Mr. Tosto began in a small law office and then moved on to bigger and better things with the most qualified corporate litigation firm of law within the area. After all of this, he was able to establish his own law firm and it soon turned into the largest that had ever been in Brazil.

He is well-know for having defended many different well-known faces and also well-known companies in cases that were heard about nationally. He also is known for providing legal services to Brazilian corporations that are very important and also politicians, the government and multinationals. Mr. Tosto is seen as being very great at his job and is highly respected in his field and in society.

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