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Larkin and Lacey Help People Get Support They Need

Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey are two reporters who do what they can to help people who are having civil rights issues. They are now so much more than journalists but, in the past, they were able to perform as journalists so they could help people have an understanding of civil rights, human rights and even immigrant rights in the United States.

They made a big impact when they were doing these things but they always wanted to be able to do more with their lives so that they could help other people get what they need for a better experience.

When they were working out of Phoenix, their hometown, Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey learned about a lot of things that the sheriff’s office was doing. They were doing things that were not only illegal but also things that were unconstitutional for them to be doing.

The men wanted other people to know about the problems that were going on in the sheriff’s office and they decided to look into what the office had to do so that they would be able to learn more about it. They then took what they had learned and reported on the problems that were going on so that other people would be able to learn about the problems, too.

The sheriff’s office did not like what Larkin and Lacey had reported on. They decided that they were going to arrest the men and try to charge them with a crime when they had really done nothing at all.

Since Jim Larkin and Mike Lacey had always worked with other people to be able to get more out of the court cases that they were going through, they were familiar with the process. Since they knew that they were within their rights, the men chose to fight the case.

There were many trials that Larkin and Lacey had to go through but they knew what the case was going to be like when they started to do this. It was something that they were expecting so it was less difficult for them to be able to get the help that they needed. They also had good paying jobs when it happened and they were flexible with the work that they could do.

The men considered how hard it was and could see how hard it would be for someone who was already struggling. They were able to fight it but they also knew that many people were unable to fight it.

The case was settled and the men were granted a settlement that totaled almost four million dollars. They wanted to be able to use it to make everyone else’s lives better and set up the Frontera Fund. Now, they are able to use this to help other people out.

When someone is battling a civil rights or human rights violation, they can use the money that is in the Frontera Fund to help them go through court. Immigrants are also able to use the fund for their own rights.

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