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Karl Heideck: A Preeminent Litigator

Litigation is a multifaceted field covering a wide variety of duties and responsibilities for litigators, some of which vary with size and type of practice and seniority within a litigation firm. The process of civil conflict resolution is marked by first filing of lawsuit file or pleadings. The complaint is filed by a plaintiff and the response or answer, which may be challenged by the plaintiff in a counter-claim, is filed by the defendant.

This is followed by thorough case preparation through researches and consultations with various individuals including expert witnesses. This sets the stage for a trial whose verdict may be challenged through a motion. It is at the trial where the litigation fees are settled by the losing party. In case of dissatisfaction, an appeal may be launched. However, at any stage of the litigation process, a settlement can be reached between the parties.

Therefore, the litigation process and its alternatives calls for expertise in various skills including legal research and writing and a deeper understanding of law and various statutes. One such individual is Karl Heideck, a preeminent litigator in the Greater Philadelphia area with a deep understanding of litigation laws and process.

Karl Heideck: Skilled-Based Approach to Litigation

One of the success factors in Karl Heideck’s law career is wide array of skills within the field of law. Over the years, he has acquired skills in legal research and writing; important skills required in carrying out thorough case preparation. His wide base of skills and knowledge including arbitration, corporate, commercial, employment and intellectual property laws. Karl Heideck also specializes in mediation, which is an alternative to litigation. Such a wide base of knowledge and skills is an important factor in successfully representing his clients. This has enabled Karl Heideck to extend his beyond litigation; he teaches law while also representing his clients in business deals, negotiations and acquisitions.

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Education and Career Background

Karl Heideck’s journey towards a successful career in law practice began with a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in 2003 at Swarthmore College. He later enrolled at Temple University when he graduated in 2009 with a Juris Doctor degree from its James E. Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck is currently practicing in the Greater Philadelphia area where is serving as a hire counsel. He was licensed seven years ago, and handled several involving acquisitions, litigation, arbitration and settlements. He has also worked at Pepper Hamilton LLP and Conrad O’Brien.


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