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Joshe Verne: Being An Entrepreneur And A Leader

Few people take the time to try to be an entrepreneur. Even fewer people manage to be successful in their pursuits. One thing that could be said about being a business owner is that a lot of people have the dream of being a boss and being able to bark commands. However, people that actually try to be an entrepreneur tend to find that it is a lot different than they expected. For one thing, they have to have a vision. If there are employees working with them, then they have to show some kind of respect to them.


Josh Verne himself says that it is better to be a leader than a boss. For one thing, he knows that people who have a vision of what they want to do with their company are more likely to be a leader that inspires people. People who know what they want are likely to inspire followers as opposed to someone who is on a power trip. This is one of the reasons that Josh Verne says that leaders are more respected than bosses. Bosses may not have the vision and ambition that others have. There are ways to be a leader instead of a boss.


One thing that can be said about a leader is that he believes in the path that he is walking. He has no ambition to dominate others. Instead, he sees a clear vision and is willing to work towards it. For people who are entrepreneurs, it takes a lot of passion for what he is doing in order for there to be a possibility of success. For Josh Verne, there is a lot of importance in listening as opposed to just barking orders. A leader is willing to listen to input from others so that he will see more success.


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