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Joseph Bismarck: the Monk Who Won in Business

Joseph Bismarck is a business man who thinks that spirituality and business go hand in hand. His methods have proven to quite successful and his ideas among a light summary of his life and achievements can be found in a article from Bring on the Random titled “Joseph Bismarck Believes In Business With Spirituality Added”. 

He once believed that he was content to be a monk living in the Philippines, but then decided to try business. He applied his philosophy as a monk that he was very devout in following with methods of business and was was successful. Some notable achievements of his were being the Managing Director for the QI group in the year 2008 and an important part of Qnet funding. 
The secrets that helped propel him to these positions he shares with us. He says that it is important to be a team player and to have integrity. He also shares with us that success is not equivalent to material possessions and that to be successful in business one must have a spiritual awakening in relation to business. 
His leadership skills are also good; Joseph Bismark governs his employees in a more relaxed setting. He views the usual management style is something that he needs to repair. He is also a great person; he is a motivational speaker and has a peace-loving mindset. 
He was a monk from age nine to seventeen, when he decided to try business. Bringing the peace-loving mindset of his teachings to the corporate world resulted in a great success for him.

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