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Jon Stewart Comments On The Incident In McKinney, Texas

Jon Stewart is on “The Daily Show,” and he will let his opinion be known from time to time. The incident in McKinney, Texas has gone viral, and everyone has an opinion. Jon Stewart’s Comments. The cop that went to break up a pool party, he ended up being the subject that everyone was talking about, and not the loud music that he was called out there for. The police officer was surrounded by teenagers, and he pulled his gun a group of unarmed teenagers who got too close to him.

You could see the children try to run away, and a young white teen who was at the pool party, he decided to take out is video phone and film the entire incident. The fact that the young man filmed the incident, may make the entire difference in the incident. FreedomPop even reported that the video went viral, and now Jon Stewart is laying in on the officer. Jon claims that not only is a police officer a jerk for what he did, but he’s a redundant jerk at that.

The fact that this man would pull a gun on teenagers, and he hurt a young girl for no real reason, it shows how ignorant the police officer is. Many believe the incident was driven by race, and many want the officer to resign or to be fired after this incident. The officer was suspended, but no charges have been filed, and many are waiting to hear what the results will be.

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