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Joining Avaaz Makes Gives ‘Ordinary’ People ‘Extraordinary’ Power To Change The World

Consider that the Arkansas State Plant Board recently voted to severely restrict the use of a harmful agriculture chemical called dicamba in 2018. The substance is manufactured by the agri-chemical giant Monsanto. Lawyers for Monsanto fought hard to keep their poison flowing across the beautiful countryside of Arkansas.

But this time powerful lobbyists and lawyers were defeated by the people with the help of an organization called Avaaz. The tens of millions of people who belong to this Internet-based social activist group banded together and demanded that Arkansas officials make decision that protect the health of the people and environment.

The Arkansas case is a classic example of the kind of work Avaaz does every day. Established in 2007, Avaaz has become the world’s largest and influential agent for positive social change.

Avaaz is composed of some 50 million people in countries all over the world. The Avaaz website acts as a central rallying point where people can sign up, make a donation, or network with other people to strategize on ways to solve some of the world’s most pressing problems, an learn more about Avaaz.

That might be poverty, helping refugees from war-torn countries, countering corporate misbehavior of many kinds, fighting pollution, battling climate change, cleaning up oceans and rivers – the list goes on.

The Guardian called Avaaz (a Sanskrit-derived word which means “voice) the “globe’s largest and most powerful online activist network.” After 10 years of solid results and victories, Avaaz continues to go strong and plans to keep up the good fight in the 2018 new year and beyond.

Any “ordinary” person can join Avaaz in just minutes by signing up on the group’s website at Doing so proves that no one is truly “ordinary,” but “extraordinary” when they join millions of others to help change the world.

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