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Jason Hope the Philanthropist, Futurist, and Technologist from Arizona

Jason Hope is a renowned philanthropist, technologist, and an entrepreneur.

Internet of Things (IoT) has recently become popular as more technological advancements emanate. Jason Hope describes IoT as any network-enabled device for two-way communication. This can even range from refrigerators and pacemakers to micro-scale transponders.

Jason Hope states that the hospitality sector is one of the industries likely to harvest from IoT. He says that consumer devices which are internet-enabled are gaining popularity by each day. Jason goes ahead to give examples such as tablets and smartphones as powerful devices that are transforming lives positively. He also says that in future, he expects people to embrace IoT and expect more. He sees people requiring simplified devices such as those they use at home while on the road. His goal is to bring into live technological ideas, such as giving people the opportunity to hook their smartphones to the heating unit inside their rooms.

Being a skilled futurist, Jason has earned a lot of good reputation. Part of this is tabled by the fact that Jason Hope sees connected technology as the future. Jason’s futuristic vision abilities have seen companies like Silicon Laboratories put much effort on the Internet of Things (IoT) for future expansion. Also, firms like Cisco have invested billions in IoT. For instance, In connected technology, car manufacturers are on their toes to set up new technologies such as self-driven cars.

Jason Hope has severally depicted philanthropy as a major focus in his life. This is evident in his association with SENS Foundation. The philanthropist’s passion has uplifted SENS Foundation research activities to greater heights. He says that SENS research activities have attracted his attention as the SENS organization gets involved in curbing aging in people. Jason is interested in seeing the human race have a life that is of better quality and sustained and even offers grants to students and tech entrepreneurs on his website.

Jason Hope loves technology, and he is always searching for newer ways of utilizing technology to the advantage of the people. He is known to be fond of studying technology to come up with better potential trends. Connect with Jason Hope on LinkedIn to learn more.


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