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James Dondero Has His Eyes On The Future

It is not often that someone’s personal success touches an entire community, but James Dondero is anything but an average business man. Known primarily for his lucrative success in the world of hedge fund management, he is also praised and recognized for his contributions throughout the Dallas, Tx area. Yet somehow, in the midst of his many financial dealings and corporate board obligations, Mr. Dondero still finds the time and energy to give something back to his community. It might be easy to assume that someone of his status and financial standing would only be interested in flashy monetary donations. While it may be true that James Dondero has been generous with his personal wealth, he has also been generous with his expertise. Visit Nexbank to know more about James.

James Dondero has made it perfectly clear that he is invested in the future of the Dallas, Tx area by utilizing his finely tuned skill set on the board of SMU’s prestigious business school. His in depth understanding of finance and working knowledge of business has not only benefit his own career, but has helped inspire and launch the next generation of financial experts. His experience with handling billions of dollars in investments at Highland Capital Management has left him a sterling reputation and a wealth of knowledge to pass on to those studying finance and investment. His progressive and modern business techniques give him a truly informed and enlightened view of the stock market that he clearly hopes to pass along through his involvement on the university board. Visit to know more about James Dondero.

Along with generously and repeatedly giving monetarily to ensure the best education for students he has committed to, James Dondero has made it a personal mission to ensure the financial and professional success of those up-and-coming in the financial world. While many seek to extinguish and exclude their potential competition, Mr. Dondero has chosen, instead, to cultivate and inspire his.


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