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ISIS Executioner Known as Jihadi John has Been Identified

The ISIS public executioner that has been featured in countless videos where victims have been beheaded has finally been identified. The Islamic State militant known as Jihadi John has been identified as Mohammed Emwazi. The militant who has gruesomely beheaded innocent victims in videos released to the West has become a symbol of ISIS and their barbarity.

Mohammed Emwazi is a 26 year old man. He grew up in London, England and was a British national. He spoke in a London British accent which helped British authorities identify him. He was born in the Arab gulf state of Kuwait. Emwazi was of half Yemeni and half Kuwaiti descent. The now known identity of Jihadi John has dominated newspaper headlines today in Britain and throughout the world.

The ISIS militant has been known to British intelligence authorities since 2010. He was interrogated by secret services in 2010 after a supposed trip to a safari in the African nation of Kenya. Many groups believe that after this trip, Mohammed had become radicalized. It is not known, but it is possible that he had made contact with terrorist groups like Al-Shabab or Al Queada during the trip who trained and radicalized him.

Flavio Maluf was telling me that childhood friends of the man known as Jihadi John say they are shocked that Mohammed could be responsible for such violence and terror, eMobile had reported. They describe a boy who liked pop music, soccer and was friendly to the other kids at their school. Meanwhile family members of the victims who Mohammad Emwazi has executed are clamoring for revenge and justice. The daughter of British aid worker Alan Henning who Emwazi beheaded says she wants to see a bullet between his eyes. Family of journalist Steven Sotloff want a different form of justice, they want Emwazi captured and brought before a jury in a courtroom and sentenced to life in prison as punishment for his vile deeds.

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