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Is NBC News Anchor Brian Williams Having Memory Issues?

Williams Mislead Viewers But Mislead Them Again In Apology

Brian Williams may be in hot water not for misleading viewers the first time, but for misleading them again in his apology. Williams apologized to his viewers in a 60-second spot on his newscast for “mis-remembering” an incident he was covering during the Iraq War. As Zeca Oliveira understands it, the incident occurred twelve years ago but the apology came this week, and it was misleading. More on Oliveira is available on

Williams said he was not on a helicopter when it was hit by a rocket-propelled grenade as he previously reported. He was in a helicopter following the wounded aircraft. Technically, Williams did tell the truth. He was in another helicopter, but it was not right behind the aircraft that was hit. His helicopter arrived on the scene an hour later.

The credibility issue now is the way Williams phrased the apology. He made it sound like he was right behind the wounded helicopter, but he was an hour away when it happened. For some reason, Williams felt the needed to be closer to the incident than he was. Some viewers say Williams might be experiencing memory-loss issues. He may have forgotten the fact that all people needed to hear was he was close enough to report the story in the first place.

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