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About InnovaCare Health And Its CEO Rick Shinto

InnovaCare Health provides Medicare Advantage plans, as well as physician practice services. The CEO is Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides is the COO/CAO. Here is more information about Shinto and InnovaCare Health.

About Rick Shinto And Penelope Kokkinides Work History
Rick Shinto is the current CEO of InnovaCare and before becoming the head of the company, he worked at Aveta Inc. from 2008 to 2012. He was the company’s president and CEO until the company was sold. Prior to that, he was the chief medical officer at NAMM California and from 1996 to 1997, he was the corporate vice president of medical management at the company MedPartners.

Kokkinides rejoined InnovaCare back in June of 2015. Before working there, she served as the COO for Centerlight HealthCare. There she was responsible for overall management. She was also responsible for the overall strategic direction of the company’s managed care division.

Awards Shinto Has Won
In 2012, Shinto was awarded with the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the year award. This award was given to him because he demonstrated excellence and had success in various areas, such as financial performance, innovation and personal commitment to their communities and businesses.

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About InnovaCare Health
The company provides managed healthcare services to those in North America. InnovaCare Health work hard to provide access to quality healthcare. The company does this by creating models that are cost-effective, sustainable and that can integrate with advanced technologies. InnovaCare manages two Medicaid plans within the government health plan of Puerto Rico.

Back in August of 2016, the company announced that it was participating in LAN, a public private partnership that aims to move the health system in the US towards payment models that are based on quality and not on quantity.

InnovaCare Health said they supported LAN’s goals and that they will help measure the progress towards the goals. They said they will do this by participating in the LAN nationwide data collection effort.

If anyone is interested in doing business with InnovaCare Health or if they want to learn more about them, then they can visit their website or contact them directly.

Read more about Rick Shinto on the InnovaCare site

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