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IAP Worldwide Services Uniquely Poised For Global Service Delivery

One would expect IAP Worldwide Services to be one of the agilest and experience companies in the world since it provides services to governments, the military, energy corporations and the scientific community. From the most remote to the most intensely populated environment, IAP Worldwide Services offers engineering and power solutions as well as high-tech products and systems that make communication possible even when the worst disasters strike. It’s not difficult to see how it has evolved to be the global service provider that is poised and ready to solve complex problems and overcome challenges. This is why IAP Worldwide Services stand for “Ingenuity and Purpose.”

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IAP Worldwide Services

Pan Am is known historically for its contributions to aviation as well as its participation in the transition from the jet era to the space era. Pan Am World Services, Inc provided full facilities maintenance support to America’s first space launch complex that it also built in Cape Canaveral, FL. It also provided airport master planning, construction management, and engineering services to support testing for 2,500 launches including the manned shuttle program. The knowledge and experience gained by Pan Am World Services became a part of Johnson Controls Worldwide Services, Inc. Johnson Controls invented the first electric room thermostat in 1885 and now creates original buildings, next generation transportation systems for smart cities and efficient energy solutions. Johnson Control creates building environments that are healthier and more productive, and also deliver sustainable solutions that save on energy and operations. From homes to schools to a military installation, Johnson Controls provide technology and services for improved customer experiences. Learn more about IAP Worldwide Services on
Although IAP Worldwide Services started as a specialized logistics and procurement company under contract for generator supplies to the US Army, it has now become a trusted partner with the military. It provides temporary and mobile power, emergency and disaster relief, and transportation services. It held $370 million in government service contracts and gained the experience and capabilities of both Pan Am Worldwide Service and Johnson Controls Worldwide Services to specialize in Global Operations and Logistic, Base Operate Support and Professional and Technical Services. IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. announces the acquisition of two business units from DRS Technologies, Inc. has further increased its capacities with the acquisition of G3 Systems, LTD., a British engineering firm experienced in serving the government, international and commercial clients providing facilities, services, and solution. G3 designs deliver, operates and maintains equipment and facilities worldwide. This demonstrates how IAP Worldwide Services is embracing challenges today with an eye on building the future.

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