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IAP Worldwide Services is a Center for Ingenious Solutions and Products

IAP Worldwide Services is a global powerhouse in the provision of program management expertise. It creates and delivers its solutions and services to the United States government, corporate organizations, and government agencies. It maintains service centers in the Middle East, the U.K, Washington, D.C., Oklahoma, Florida, and Maryland. The firm has expanded both its online and offline presence on an international scale.

The US Navy awards IAP Worldwide Services an esteemed contract

The Naval Facilities Engineering Command has awarded the IAP Worldwide Services an indefinite quantity/indefinite delivery contract worth $900 million. IAP Worldwide Services’s director and CEO, Doug Kitani, stated that his firm would continue to solve the demanding challenges that clients encounter by providing ingenious solutions. He hinted that IAP secured the highly contested contract due to its high standards and ability to approach the customers’ mission professionally.

Excelling in government projects

IAP has been recognized as an authority in wholly or partially handling of contingency-based contracts for DoD agencies. The Air Force Augmentation Program (AFCAP) recognizes IAP Worldwide Services as the only licensed government service provider chose for all four Air Force plans since 1996.

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A leading employer

IAP Worldwide Services is undeniably a leading employer in the United States. Its employees have an unrivaled commitment to the mission of the company of delivering inventive services to clients. Other than academic qualification and experience, new recruits must aim at making the world a better place and have a passion for their future. The firm’s Human Resources specialists ensure employees are comfortable with their jobs, and they are experiencing personal development. They develop employee support programs or process that benefit both the company and workers. IAP Worldwide Services channel a big proportion of its resources to training new recruits and ensuring that working for the company is an incredible experience for everyone.
Type of jobs offered by IAP

Sourcing Manager: This expert works closely with team members to carry out market research in numerous categories and research into prospective suppliers and product specifications. The individual works to foster team spirit and partnership within his or her department.

Finance Manager: This professional is in charge of analyzing technical and vocational services. She or he handles all the financial and accounting matters on behalf of IAP. The expert delivers relevant financial data to the project management team.

Director HR Strategic Initiatives

This individual is answerable to the vice president of Human Resources. She or he offers critical support to business leaders and human resources in supporting IAP’s mission.

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