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IAP Worldwide Services, a Top Hiring Company in the US

Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida, IAP Worldwide Services was established in 1990. Although its headquarters is based in the US, IAP Worldwide Services has several branches in other countries. IAP Worldwide Services specializes in services such as logistics, advanced professional, facilities management, and technical services. IAP Worldwide Services targets the governments, NGOs, and international agencies around the world. Some of the services provided to the government agencies include aircraft repair services, emergency response, supply chain, networking technology, ICT services. Besides, it provides mission support services such as healthcare, emergency response, power generation, and facilities management on Also, IAP Worldwide Services provides power-related services such as temporary and permanent power supply.

IAP’s Services

Moreover, IAP Worldwide Services provides healthcare, scientific, and administrative services to the public and the private healthcare organizations in the US, the Middle East, and Europe. Initially, IAP Worldwide Services was referred to as the International American Products before changing to IAP Worldwide Services in 2005. IAP Worldwide Services ranks among the best employers in the world. As such, its employees commits to an unmatched objective in the industry. IAP Worldwide Services has established a rule that embarks on hiring passionate professionals determined to bring a positive impact in the society. Interestingly, IAP’s experts are ready to engage the unexpected, even in hostile situations. Each employee contributes unique skills, knowledge, and experiences to form a dominant team. At IAP, employees are subjected to equality, dedication, cooperation, and rewards based on individual efforts. Meanwhile, IAP Worldwide Services looks forward to hiring qualified and experienced professions in the areas of General Management, Logistics, Engineering, Construction, Finance and Accounting to meet its customers’ needs.

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IAP Worldwide Services ensures its staff has sufficient resources and knowledge through a continuous training process to enhance job safety, satisfaction, and efficiency on In turn, IAP Worldwide Services experiences increased growth and productivity since employees work under motivation. IAP’s Human Resource professionals recognize individual contribution through awards, especially for employees who commit to the company’s corporate mission of providing world-class levels of satisfaction. Therefore, IAP Worldwide Services commits to reinforcing programs and procedures that add value to the company and its staff. Furthermore, IAP Worldwide Services upholds respect, integrity, and responsibility when interacting with customers as this builds the company’s reputation. Just recently, IAP Worldwide won the US Army’s contract to provide ongoing training, fielding and integrated logistics. IAP Worldwide Services will use US Army’s contract vehicles, Rapid Response Third Generation (R23G). The value of the contract is believed to be over 50 million US dollars.

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