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Hulk Hogan Disappears from WWE Website

The most iconic face of professional wrestling appears to have been erased from the history books, at least in the eyes of the WWE website according to James Dondero. If you visit the professional wrestling website today, you will see no mention of Hulk Hogan anymore. No mention of his history, no more merchandise for sale, and no mention that he is one of the judges on the popular live Tough Enough television series.

While the Hulkster posted a tweet the day before telling fans that the universe will sail him where he is supposed to go, no one is quite sure what happened overnight. Hulk Hogan is by far the one iconic symbol of a company that spans decades, and he is still as popular today as he was when he fought in those epic battles against Andre the Giant at Wrestlemania. The speculation seems to be surrounding an interview the Hulk gave back in 2012, but this is really just speculation.

The website had been selling Hulk tee shirts and all types of his memorabilia for years. Fans show up at these events week after week still wearing the apparel of the Hulk. To simply erase him from the website completely is serious. This is not only a huge financial loss for the WWE, it could damage their reputation with young fans who still look up to the Hulk. No one at the WWE would respond to questions concerning his disappearance from the website, but word will surely be out soon enough.

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