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How Don Ressler is Influencing the Fashion Industry

Don Ressler, the co-Founder of JustFab and the CEO of Fabletics has influenced e-commerce more than we know. Ressler, along with his partner Adam Goldenberg have been focused on working to raise the bar in the fashion industry with the help of the tools that e-commerce provides. These men didn’t really know much about shoes when they first started working together to build the foundation for JustFab, but they certainly know what it takes in order to move mountains through e-commerce. Don Ressler’s entrepreneurial journey through successful startups is what is influencing the way other merchants are doing business.

Don Ressler started at a young age, founding When he sold this business to Intermix Media in 2001, he met his co-Founder for JustFab. Ressler and Goldenberg hit it off, with a mutual passion and love of business and metrics. When e-commerce began to boost the production and revenue stream for Intermix, Don Ressler knew that the path to success would be forged with the help of all of the tools and resources that the internet had to offer.

Although they could see how successful the new company would be, these men had a foresight for the e-commerce that would not be highly regarded by their new partners on This encouraged Ressler and Goldenberg to seek outside opportunities, but Ressler always has the ability to look into markets that were scalable. This is when Fabletics came into a clearer vision for him specifically.

JustFab, a membership platform, was still scalable, making fashion gear highly desirable and accessible at reasonable prices with a low introductory offer. Fabletics was launched in 2013, and they began to watch as a strong competitor offered a similar service. Shoe Dazzle was in Ressler’s sights, and eventually, he purchased the company to be a part of what he and Goldenberg were already doing with JustFab. Kate Hudson would become the face of Fabletics, making Ressler a top founder amongst his peers.

Today, Don Ressler is still focused on how he can grow his business and expand into new markets in fashion, as well as other new opportunities in e-commerce. August of 2014 became a benchmark year for the duo as they acquired nearly $85 million in funding for their company and new business partners. 

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