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Here Comes the Rain

The western coast and the southern most part United States has been in a drought for an incredibly long time. After California, Texas was the state most widely regarded as being in a drought. In an ironic twist of fate, Texas was flooded with more than three feet of water in some areas. While these floods are devastating, it has many Californians wishing that they could take some of that water and feed it into their suffering bodies of water. Theflooding has called many Texans to retract their statements that they need 6 months ago when they pray for rain. One citizen was quoted as saying, “Six months ago we were praying for this stuff, and now all we can say is please, please, please stop.” government officials and agencies are doing their very best to bring comfort and relief to the citizens affected by the floods. Officials suggest the regular precipitation and average river levels won’t go back to normal until the 4th of July. City and government officials have also issued a voluntary evacuation for the rural parts of Texas. The Parker County community of Horseshoe Bend was one of the communities ask to evacuate. The Brazo River was in danger of flooding but officials are finding it hard to get people out of their home. For many of the individuals, Texas is the only home that they know. They were call displaced families and individuals when Hurricane Katrina hit and the fear for the same feat. Either way, the president and Texas officials have made it their sole duty to make sure all of their citizens are safe according to businessman Stephen Murray CCMP Capital. This includes those who are diehard Texas citizens.

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