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Handy Sees Both Sides of the Coin With its New Online Onboarding

This year has been one of ups and downs for Handy CEO and co-founder Oisin Hanrahan. He started the year in fear that he had made the wrong decision and worried about the future of his company, and ended the year on very solid footing. In between that time was a lot of mixed feelings that stem back to a decision made in 2015 to try to expedite growth with on-boarding.

Back in 2015 Hanrahan discussed using online onboarding to help screen for professionals that can provide the home services those who used the platform need. operates as a platform that matches home service providers such as cleaners and plumbers to the clients that need help. The idea is to cut out agencies and other middlemen to keep the costs low for clients and the profit higher for those providing the services.

At the time his co-founder Umang Dua did not agree, so they started out slowly by testing onboarding in just two of their 28 markets. They debuted the online onboarding system in Washington DC and Miami but soon found themselves nervous for the future when they closed their Series C venture capital funding round. During the funding rounds they realized that a lot of potential investors would be hesitant to offer more funding without proof that businesses in this category would be able to succeed and scale.

So they decided to use onboarding in all of their markets to cut costs and fuel growth. The start of 2016 was bleak as they watched their completion numbers drop by almost 40%. Before long they had to turn away jobs because they didn’t have professionals available to complete them leading to bad customer reviews. However, Hanrahan plowed away and by the second quarter completion increased by more than 10% of what it had been before rolling out the online onboarding allowing Hanrahan to perhaps rest a bit easier. Visit the website, for more info.


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