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Green Party drops Pennsylvania recount bid

The Green Party has dropped its bid for a statewide recount of votes cast in Pennsylvania during the Nov. 8 presidential election, according to court documents released Saturday.

The decision to withdraw the case, which sought to recount votes that lawyers argued could have been affected by potential hacking into voting machines, preceded a hearing scheduled for Monday. Lawyers contended they could not meet the court-ordered bond set at $1 million before the 5 p.m. deadline on that day.

Jill Stein, the Green Party’s presidential candidate, led a recount effort across Pennsylvania as well as Wisconsin and Michigan, where President-elect Donald Trump secured narrow wins over Hillary Clinton in the general election.

On Thursday, lawyers representing Trump motioned to block the vote recount in Pennsylvania – the latest in a series of complaints issued to stop the statewide efforts in Michigan and Wisconsin.

“Despite being no more than a blip on the electoral radar, Stein has now commandeered Pennsylvania’s electoral process, with an eye toward doing the same to the Electoral College,” the complaint reads. “There is no evidence — or even an allegation — that any tampering with Pennsylvania’s voting systems actually occurred.”

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