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Great Accomplishments of Maggie Gill

Healthcare is one of the most difficult but very important fields. Just like a business venture, healthcare is always in constant flux. In this case, for you to serve in the healthcare sector you must be hardworking and dedicated despite the level you occupy. Managing a healthcare firm presents a wide variety of unique challenges day in day out, following changes in the legal framework and incredible responsibility that recur within the medical industry. In the medical sector, only a few individuals have been able to showcase amazing qualities of leadership. Maggie Gill is one of the individuals who have been considered a success in the medical industry following their great performance in fulfilling their leadership roles and overcoming different challenges.

Education and Career

Upon completing her undergraduate studies at Florida and earning a Master’s in business administration from the prominent St. Leo University, Gill began her career immediately by joining Tenet South Florida Health Systems. Here, Gill served as the chief financial officer (CFO) in charge of providing financial leadership to different locations including Shore Medical Center, Coral Gables Hospital and Palmetto General Hospital. Due to her commitment and dedication, she was acknowledged on three occasions as the top and best reforming CFO at Tenet.

Later in 2004, Maggie Gill left Tenet to work with Memorial University Medical Center, a healthcare company situated in Savannah, Georgia. She was then appointed the vice president in charge of managed and finance care. A year later, she was promoted to a higher position of chief operating officer. She maintained the position till 2011 when she rose the bar to become the chief executive officer of Memorial University Medical Center. Currently, Maggie Gill serves the firm as the CEO, an important and highly respected position. She oversees all units within the organization including finance and audit, facilities and trauma services, doctor and government relations as well as communications.


One of Maggie’s main goals is to come up with innovative partnerships that aim at enhancing quality service and care for medical beneficiaries. Not long ago, she announced an amazing partnership with Eon Health that aims at introducing a new and affordable Medicare Advantage plan. This plan will be available to various Medicare recipients in counties such as South Carolina and Georgia from next year. Due to the excellence and commitment of her team and her leadership, Memorial Health managed to bring home seven accolades from the recent celebrated 16th Annual Healthcare Hero’s Awards Ceremony. This clearly proved the expertise and effectiveness of Maggie Gill in the healthcare field.

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