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FreedomPop Expands Service, Offers Unlimited WiFi in U.S.

The internet exists as a monolith at this point in time, so much so that it is hard to remember a time when unlimited wireless internet access wasn’t common place. Some people alive today grew up without the internet, others grew up with slow ‘dial up’, and now another generation will grow up with the ability to connect wirelessly no matter where they are in the country. FreedomPop, a freemium cell phone provider, is jumping into the fray with their company by offering unlimited wireless internet access to their customers for a mere $5 a month. This plan will take advantage of hotspots all over the country and compete with data plans that are four and five times that cost. This shouldn’t surprise anyone, however, as FreedomPop is setting the record straight on what it means to be a mobile carrier company.

FreedomPop was established in L.A. way back in 2012 as a tech start up with designs on becoming a hot mobile phone carrier company. After getting a large amount of seed money from the founder of Skype FreedomPop would go on to explode in growth. Now, in 2015 FreedomPop has one million users on their network and they are beginning to expand across the ocean and into Europe’s most crowded mobile phone market: the United Kingdom. The entire path of FreedomPop’s growth has been charted by tracing their freemium sensibilities, offer a lot for a little to their customers and eating the costs when appropriate. FreedomPop gives users free access to a limited amount of texts, mobile data, and voice calling with absolutely no strings attached. Customers pay only when they go over their allotted amount, decide to upgrade, or opt to purchase any one of FreedomPop’s multiple add on plans such as phone insurance or roaming data.

Their decision to offer wireless internet all over the United States for only $5 a month will give FreedomPop a leg up in the market. This maneuver will utilize 10 million hotspots that cover “90% of the top 100 metros” according to CEO Stephen Stokols. An application will be available for download on the Android and iOS operating systems that will aid users in their ability to auto connect in a way that is “on par with Google”, according to Stokols once more. This almost free wireless access makes complete sense when you stop to consider how much data is consumed by users who have access to wifi at their current location.

FreedomPop is currently on track to grow well past their million subscriber month with their launch outward into the U.K. The wireless internet roll out plan should also see those numbers boosted for the long term. As more and more consumers become informed on their mobile carrier knowledge we shouldn’t be surprise to see more companies opt for the ‘pay what you need’ route. Freemium is beginning to become the new standard in several industries and it may only take the work of FreedomPop to make it happen here for mobile wireless services.

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