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Founder of Swiss Start Up Factory Mike Baur

Mike Baur is the founder of a company called Swiss Start up Factory. He has been running this company since 2014 and has built it into one of best in Switzerland. The company specializes in helping with funding and consulting a number of start up companies. Prior to staring up Swiss Start up Factory, Baur invested his money in start up companies which provided him with a lucrative venture for some time. It was this particular activity that helped convince Mike to start up his own company. When Mike Baur began his career, he worked in the banking industry and had a very successful career in this industry for over twenty years. All of these experiences have helped Mike establish himself as one of the most successful business people in his country of Switzerland.


At the very beginning of his career, Mike Baur worked in banking. For over two decades, Mike would routinely work with business leaders and entrepreneurs find ways to make their businesses more successful. Part of Mike’s assistance came in the form of providing capital to these businesses. On a regular basis, Mike would go over the financial needs of businesses as well as asses their potential for profitability. If a business had the right amount of potential, Baur would provide them with loans to start up and expand in the immediate future. With his assistance, Mike was able to help a number or businesses get the funding they need to reach their goals. It also helped make a positive contribution to the Swiss economy as well.


After working as a banking professional for over two decades, Mike decided to leave the occupation and get into something else. His first venture after banking was investing in start up companies. Baur would often spend his money to get an ownership stake in new companies. He would then look to receive revenue from these companies. The venture turned out to be very lucrative as he was making a considerable amount of money on a consistent basis. As well as making a lucrative income investing in start up companies, this venture also helped give him an idea for his own company.


Baur started up his own company Swiss Start up Factory after experiencing a lot of success investing in start up companies. With this new company, Mike would help a number of entrepreneurs increase their chances of success with mentoring and financing. As part of the business model, Mike would have a number of entrepreneurs present their business idea. Baur would then go over each idea and pick the one that he believes has the most potential. He would then provide financing and coaching to help these businesses start up.



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