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Forefront Capital’s Brad Reifler Offers His Advice for Successful Investing

Update: August 25th, 2016
Furthering his commitment to the common investor, Brad did a great breakdown of the recent film The Money Monster, for PR Newswire. Reifler talked about the similarities between the film, and real life investors. Noting how difficult and dangerous the markets can be for those that aren’t prepared for the possible pitfalls.

As any investor seeking to keep their losses at a minimum, learning how to avoid the common pitfalls may come at a price. Being aware of sound investing principles can make the difference between acquiring solid gains or suffering repetitive losses. Brad Reifler, Founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, is well acquainted with both sides of the investing market; the one percent of investors that have the government mandated capital to invest in public funds, commodity funds and hedge funds – and the other ninety-nine percent of the population without such wealth and are prohibited by the government from investing directly into those same funds.

In a recent Reuters’s published article, Brad Reifler shared his insights on investing for the majority of Americans; tips that can put the average person well on their way to becoming a successful investor. His advice can be summarized as follows:

  • Refrain from investing all your money in the stock market and consider the safety of your money as a majority factor.
  • Get to know your fund managers; it is important to trust whomever is investing your money.
  • Know why you’re investing and what your objectives are. If a particular investment is successful, continue to add funds into it.

Brad Reifler knows first hand the experience of the 99 percenters when it comes to investing. At one time Reifler had invested in a 529 college savings plan for his two daughters, yet when it was time for them to attend university, the fund had less money than he’d originally invested, suffering a loss. When Brad’s father-in-law retired after owning an RV repair shop for thiry-five years, he gave Brad his life savings to invest. Mr. Reifler realized at that time how limited the options for middle class investors were because they were not accredited by the government.

Brad Reifler has since set out to make a change and now focuses his attention on the non-accredited investors who have been overlooked by the investment world as not being smart enough to participate. Yet change may be on the horizon. The SEC is realizing that over the past thirty years, people are much more knowledgeable about investing and the stock market has greater oversight to offset the idea that shareholders needed to be protected from risky investments. A task force has recommended to do away with the 32 year old rules that specify income and net worth requirements.

Forefront Capital works diligently to overcome investor fears that have resulted from the 2008 financial crisis by striving to be a “firm for the people”. Mr. Reifler believes that the idea of providing compound returns with better investment options, average investors could possible watch a small investment grow substantially.  Check out Mr. Reifler’s website for more info.

A History in Finance

Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics and Political Science, and then went on to found Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982. By catering to a niche in global derivatives, his company was eventually bought by Refco, one of the most prominent futures companies in the world. Still, Reifler would go on to start several new companies, such as Pali Capital and Forefront Capital. While acting as the CEO, the former company acted as a broker dealer that focused on equity markets, and managed to accrue over one billion dollars in commission income. The latter company, however, is the one Reifler focuses on today.

Though Reifler established his global presence in financial services well before the founding of Pali Capital in 1995, he eventually chose to move on to a different project. As such, after 13 years of service as Pali’s CEO, he created Forefront Capital to offer differentiated products to customers. With support from trusted investment advisers, bankers, and business leaders, the company managed to build and maintain various subsidiaries, such as Forefront Advisory and Forefront Partners. Both Reifler and his company alike continue to draw in business leaders, but the CEO himself made a push for a special initiative in 2014.

The Forefront Income Trust Initiative

Despite his expertise in the field, Reifler noted that those who didn’t belong to the top one percent in the United States were unwilling to try investing. Moreover, the people who did want to invest would have found prohibitive measures in place. That in turn would have ensured their continued struggles with debt and a lack of financial security. To counteract this, Reifer used his company to start the Forefront Income Trust initiative, which allows non-accredited members of the middle class to invest quarterly while minimizing the risks involved.

Even with his duties as a CEO, Reifler has made it his mission to educate people about investing. In addition to the initiatives he and his company espouse, Reifler has made various public appearances to speak at length about how to stow money for the future. He has long since noted that a lack of information and understanding have prevented the lower and middle classes from investing, with the 2008 financial crisis in particular causing a wealth of concerns. Whether the common citizen buys into the Forefront Income Trust or not, Reifler hopes that proper education can at least help push them in the right direction.

A Continuous Effort in the Field

Reifler’s career includes more than founding companies and acting as a CEO. True to his reputation, he has served on a wide array of advisory boards, such as the board of the European American Investment Bank. He has been credited as a director for several organizations, including Wins Finance Holdings Inc. as well as Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp. Having garnered acclaim, titles, and high status in the financial world, Reifler has long since been celebrated for his presence as well as his efforts. People helped by him and his companies run the gamut from world-class businessmen to middle class families, and it’s unlikely that he’ll stop anytime soon.


Sam says:

Knowing how to invest is always a good thing because it can create the finance for future and retirement. Learn to invest can help a long way and this article has taught me the things as a beginner. It is the business model that I learn from and know the right way to invest is critical.

John Hopsin says:

Such good information in Brad’s advice. I’m new to investing but I’m doing as much as I can to learn the ins and outs. Brad really seems to have a handle on the things I haven’t been able to grasp. I look forward to learning more of his advice in hopes it improves my own investment ventures.

Austin Sturkie says:

I really enjoyed listening to your advice.

Jannie Martinez says:

Brad Reifler has shared ideas for investment that will help the average people to be a great investor. He has given important information regrading to trust over fund manager for eliminating future risk regrading investments. He has given right information to all the common people about investment and has given a right direction.

Miriam says:

There is an extreme lack of knowledge about investing; this can be scary especially for those reaching or at the retirement age. Investing should start at a young age. I commend this man for spreading his knowledge to help those around him live better and more successful lives.

HannahV says:

Reifler has a wealth of experience and truly cares about investors. If only more CEOs were like him.

Edward Tivrusky says:

Im curious, what happened to Pali Capital? Is it still running smoothly without Reifler?
Did Reifler create more than just those three companies?

Jessica Collins says:

I totally agree with Brad Reifler. In any business, we must be sure where we are investing our money and the whom we are spending is trustful or not. At first while starting our business we can spend a less amout and if the work is profitable we can add funds. Business is a great risk so while moving on, we must watch every step. In my view Brad’s idea for business can help every beginners in the busness.

Angela says:

Great blog you’ve got here.. It’s hard to find good
quality writing like yours nowadays. I truly appreciate
individuals like you! Take care!!

Luckyone says:

Thanks for sharing such nice investment tips. It is useful for newbies like me who are trying to enter into the investment sector.

Fred Manfrins says:

Good advice. Keeping all your eggs in one basket is never a good idea and good to talk about diversifying. Also refreshing to see the background of Brad given he’s preaching a little on investing- its easier to trust advice from one that walks the walk and talks the talk.

ami krish says:

He has a great ideas for business for middle class families

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