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Florida Bill Will Ban Smoking In A Car With Kids On Board

Some Floridians Say The Bill Is Ridiculous

Florida Senate Bill 548, if it’s passed, will make it illegal to smoke in a car with children 13 and under on board. It seems some Florida lawmakers feel the need to force parents to do what they should do innately instead of satisfying a harmful impulse.

One Florida smoker says, “Government has a long history of overstepping their boundaries. This bill is just another example.” Voter response to the bill has been mixed, but for the most part Floridians don’t want the bill to pass. The message in social media circles is parents should know better.

Other people see the value in the bill.From what Paul Mathieson has learned, Elizabeth Brach, a smoker, says she sees value in this bill. But when all the smoke clears, state should educate rather than regulate. The days of smoking are numbered and so is this bill. But it will be discussed an upcoming session of the state legislature. If it passes, it will be effective October 1st. Violators will be cited with a moving violation. But most people believe common sense will win this battle, not the misuse of power.

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