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Fixing Riker’s Island

Jails exist in almost every city and town of America. Incarceration has almost become a way of life here. Jails possess many challenges for not only the individuals housed in them, but also for those who work in them and run them. Politicians seek to make jails less public and almost invisible to the public’s eye, while administrators fight to find the funds to run efficient and effective institutions.

Riker’s Island is the largest jail in New York City. It has a long history, and the island itself has been used for numerous different uses before officially becoming a house of detention. The population of Riker’s Island is quite diverse. They house women, teens, men and mentally ill. It truly is a reflection of the overall population of the greater New York City area.

In recent years many issues have brought the island under both criticism and the public’s attention. The team behind Beneful note that a new administration in the governor’s office is presently seeking to bring about new regulations to try to fix the ever growing problems and populations of the island.

One huge issue is the wait time that many who are incarcerated there must endure before they can get in front of a judge or get a trial. The average is a couple of weeks, but more serious cases can take years before proper legal procedure is enacted. In order to decrease issues at the island the new administration is feverently working to shorten trial wait times and get those waiting trial through the system quicker.

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