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Falling Asleep

People who smoke marijuana know that it makes them sleepy, giving a relaxing feeling, which is why many people smoke the drug. There are some who are linking teenagers being sleepy to smoking marijuana. There are a few issues with this, according to doctors. Parents should be monitoring what their children do, and they shouldn’t be letting them smoke marijuana.

They need to talk to their children about the various drugs that are out there, and although marijuana isn’t as bad as some others that can be used, it should still be reserved until the adult years so that they can make an informed decision. If parents are going to let their teenagers smoke marijuana, then they should do it with them and prepare them for the feelings that are associated with smoking, including the feeling of being sleepy.

The drug use could interfere with school activities and performance, and if parents aren’t willing to teach their children right from wrong, then they should suffer the consequences just as much as the child if the child falls asleep in class or at home.

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