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Eucatex, A Brazilian Success Story

The Eucatex company is part of the paper industry and is located in Brazil. It’s headquarters are in the city of Salto, Sao Paulo. It’s owned and ran by the Maluf family. It was founded in November 1951 and opened its first factory in 1954. The Eucatex Company began by producing acoustic ceilings and wooden fiber plates made from Eucalyptus. Shortly after that opening it also started to produce insulation and acoustic plates.

By 1965, they had offices throughout Brazil and Argentina. They began expanding by offering exports to Europe. By the 70’s the began to produce paint for use with their plates and ceilings. This growth allowed them to expand even more by opening factories that created hard plates. They also opened a plant dealing with metals in Barueri, Sao Paulo.

The newest factory in Salto allowed them to experiment and develop laboratories that created new lines of paint and varnishes. This endeavor was very productive for the family. More currently the family produces many types of products using Eucalyptus wood. Some of these are paints and varnishes, argo units that provide substrates for plants. The family is also concerned about sustainability. With this goal in mind, they have opened two plants that together has over 10,000 hectares of grounds and nursery’s to replace the trees they use in producing their products.

Their growth has been both rapid and successful. Today they export their products to over 40 different countries. They also employ over 3,000 people. Their products today include items such as partitions, doors, ceilings, floors and particle boards among other goods. As mentioned earlier the firm is owned by the Maluf family. The company’s current president is Flavio Maluf.

Mr. Maluf is an entrepreneur as well as a mechanical engineer. He graduated from FAAP an institute of higher learning located in Brazil. He is the oldest son of politician Paulo Maluf. He began working for the family business in 1987 working in the trade area. Within a just a few years, Mr. Maluf was moved to the industrial area. In 1997, a family agreement was made that allowed him to take over the role of president from his uncle. Mr. Maluf is also active in local charities and often does volunteer work designed to help his local community.

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