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Eric Pulier: A Noted Philanthropist

Eric Pulier is an American technology executive and noted philanthropist. Formerly the CEO of ServiceMesh a cloud vendor affiliated with Computer Services Corporation, Eric Pulier has a long track record of success as a technology executive, and a history of philanthropic involvement.

Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Pulier was accepted to Harvard in 1984, where he ultimately graduated Magna Cum Laude with a double major in English and American Literature in 1988. Upon matriculating from Harvard, he moved to Los Angeles in 1991 and founded his first company, People Doing Things. This company was the first of Pulier’s altruistic pursuits as it focused on diverse issues such as healthcare and education and was aimed at improving individual quality of life issues through the use of technology. Following the successful start of this company, Pulier founded another tech company, Digital Evolution in 1994. After this effort, Pulier founded yet another company, Starbright World which served as a private social network for chronically ill children to connect with one another and deal with their illness in a safe, and supportive community.

During this same time period, the Clinton Administration selected Pulier to participate in a presidential technological exhibit in Washington D.C. After this successful endeavor, Pulier was chosen to participate in then Vice President Gore’s initiative on the intersection between technology and healthcare and to advise on this issue.

In addition to his political involvement, Pulier ( profile) has contributed to a number of charitable causes throughout the years. Among the causes he has championed in the past are the X-Prize Foundation, a general competition to solve humanities greatest challenges and The Painted Turtle, a camp for children with chronic illnesses. Throughout his career, Pulier has been both a tech innovator and a great philanthropist. Although he is not currently well-known, Pulier is name to keep an eye on in the field of technology and the world of philanthropy. Here is an profile belonging to Eric Pulier.

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