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Entrepreneur Jason Hope ‘s Digital View Of Education

According to Arizona entrepreneur Jason Hope, “We are getting closer to 100 percent of teachers using digital technology in classrooms.” Scientists say digital technology can help engage students with learning difficulties and though his philanthropy, Hope helps students and educational systems adopt new learning initiatives.


According to a study conducted by the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, nearly 20 percent of Americans have a learning disability. Moreover, 2.4 million elementary and school-age students have learning disabilities, and that number is probably higher, yet they can go unnoticed.

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Disabilities today are understood to be less of an individual problem, but as a matter of social responsibility and a task of removing obstacles. Learning difficulties tend to be diagnosed when children reach school-age. This is because school focuses on the things that can be difficult for the child – reading, writing, math, listening, speaking, and reasoning. Teachers and parents notice that the child does not learn as expected and most likely request an evaluation.With hard work and the right help, children with learning difficulties have an easier time comprehending and learning. Assistive technology can also help many students to work through their learning difficulties. Assistive technology range from “low-tech” devices such as tape machines to “high-tech” tools like speech recognition systems.

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“The lack of technological devices in school has a greater risk than one might think,” says Jason Hope. Technology offer teachers creative ways to create successful lesson plans that reach all students, including those with learning difficulties. Especially iPads have proven to be devices with a high insight potential for people with learning difficulties: they facilitate communication, mobility, self-management, individual learning in basic education, and the process and operation is simple.

Among many things, Jason Hope is focused on digital technology efforts in education, and has built a loyal following. Hope’s work is not restricted to education. Rather, the Arizona-based entrepreneur plays the field in science, health, and international missions, spreading his philanthropy where needed.

Hope is also a futurist, and writes about useful methods of stimulating the thought process to question and bring fresh concepts to fruition.

Born and raised in Tempe, Arizona, Hope earned his undergraduate degree from Arizona State University, going on to earn his MBA from the prestigious W.P. Carey School of Business at ASU. Today, Jason Hope resides in Scottsdale, exploring local and international projects that are dedicated to the ideas of change.

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