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Education and Public Image – A Few Topics Rarely Talked About


Throughout the history of recorded education — and probably before then — students have tried to look busy while actually dozing off, or at least not paying any attention. Teachers and administrators at a school in France are expected to incur significant technological help with this issue. Nestor software is a facial recognition platform that analyzes eye moments, facial expressions, and other details of students’ face and body language to tell when they are being good students and they are not paying a lick of attention. LCA Learning is the organization who created Nestor, lead by founder Marcel Saucet.


Using facial recognition software in educational capacities is debated because of its possible infringement on privacy. Not many schools in France, or anywhere else in the world, have considered utilizing complex yet practical technological tools to help in the class room. Nestor has drawn controversy from parents of students, teachers from other schools, and others involved in education because of the software’s nature.


In actuality, the software is totally safe and non-intrusive to privacy. Nestor simply tracks eye movements to understand how hard the student is trying, whose feedback can be used to facilitate a more effective, personalized learning experience.


Education in today’s world is consistently full of problems, such as Betsy DeVos not making good strides for bringing high-quality education to everyone. To Ms. DeVos, she believes that people should work hard in order to pay for school. However, education is a great way out of poverty, a place in which many cannot afford to pay for school.


An aspect often thought about regarding this conversation are the reasons behind Devos’ and others’ staunch educational stances and moves. Facilitating cheaper education is beneficial for host countries because education increases the brain power of that nation’s human capital. Few media outlets report on the importance of human capital of a nation in regards to education, leading for controversial discussion of where to take education in the United States.


Big wigs sometimes make gaffes in the public eye, similar to DeVos, such as earlier this week when Home Depot’s founder suggested food stamps are used to buy hard drugs. Some people do, in fact, divert welfare funds for illicit activities, but such a statement by Ken Langone is surely damaging to his reputation.



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