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Dr. Mark McKenna Serves the Community Through Business and Medicine

Dr. Mark McKenna sees himself as a servant to the community as he has been offering his services through real estate and medicine for many years now. Mark graduated from Tulane University Medical School and is a licensed and highly qualified medical practitioner. After his graduation, Dr. Mark McKenna went on to help his father in the family business, which is where he developed even more ambitions. It was during this time that Mark took up his business ideas and started a small company known as McKenna Venture which was based in real estate.

Not only is Dr. Mark McKenna a successful entrepreneur and doctor, he is also happily married and has a daughter with his wife Gianine. In the wake of 2005’s hurricane Katrina, Mark has spent a great deal of his time trying to help and rebuild the community, as it is his hometown. For years after the incident, not wanted to let his hometown down, Dr. Mark McKenna worked to build up and repair properties that were abandoned or flooded.

It takes a certain type of brilliance to create ideas and set goals to always be striving for. This is something Dr. Mark McKenna has and employs on a regular basis. Mark has stated that he often does this when meditating, which he loves to do silently to help him create and visualize his thoughts. He also gets many ideas around business when reading books that are educational and inspiring.

According to Mark, one of the most important things to pay attention to for anyone looking toward their future careers, is passion. Money should not lead the way, but instead passion that gives one strength to move anything in their way. Mark believes that through employing passionate individuals who are smart about what their doing helps a firms growth tremendously. This also builds a strong foundation which enhances future employment and workflow.

Like anyone else, Dr. Mark McKenna has idols that have helped him in achieving his visions, such as Elon Musk and Barack Obama. Idols give inspiration and a clear vision of what can be accomplished with dedication and passion.

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