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Dr. AviWeisfogel: Specialist in Dentistry and Sleep Disorder

Sleep plays an instrumental role in maintaining good health and ensuring well-being. Getting enough and quality sleep at the appropriate time helps sustain physical and mental health as well as safety and the quality of life. Specialists recommend seven to nine hours of sleep every night and sleeping for periods lower than six hours may adversely impact a person’s health and appearance.

Recently, sleep technology has turned out to be an intriguing field of science. Specialists like Dr. AviWeisfogel have facilitated studies and research in this area, aiding the pioneering studies in dental sleep medicine. The endeavor has assisted patients across the world overcome sleep disorders. Dr. Wesfogel is an experienced dentist who is also knowledgeable in the field of sleep disorder and has the desire to share his skills with other practitioners. This has been his primary motivation towards the establishment of Healthy Heart Sleep, a channel that has influenced collaborations with other professionals with similar interests.

Dr. Weisfogel has successfully handled complex sleep-related problems including slip apnea. He resorted to educate other colleagues and physicians on how to diagnose and treat the condition. He founded the Unlimited Sleep Patient, which later became a platform where physicians could trade their knowledge in dentistry and sleep. Another brainchild of Dr. Weisfogel, Dental Sleep Masters, was established to handle a combination of sleep and dentistry disorders.

Due to his desire to assist fellow physicians achieve excellence in sleep medicine, Dr. Weisfogel operates a comprehensive health program comprised of daily communications through texts, phone calls, and emails. When he is not busy running his Old Bridge Dental Care practice, the sleep disorder specialist engages in sports. He is a desirous basketball enthusiast and a strong supporter of the New York Knicks. The doctor also follows major tennis events including the French Open and Wimbledon.



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