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Don Ressler – A Fashion Entrepreneur

Update 1/31/2017: Entrepreneur covered Don Ressler and Kate Hudson’s new partnership on Fabletics. The article outlines why they created the company, and what they hope to achieve going forward through wearable active technology and clothing. Read the full post here:

Don Ressler is an accomplished entrepreneur and a successful businessman. Ressler is well known for his recognition in finding the company JustFab. He has a talent and passion for recognizing current fashion trends, how to grow businesses and develop industry leading brands. He is the backbone behind many successful startups including intelligent beauty, JustFab, and Alena Media. He is also regarded as a successful business guru due to his early internet career when he worked as an internet consultant mentoring companies to take advantage of the online marketplaces. Don Ressler generated more than over $1 billion in sales due to which he is also regarded as a brand-building expert. He also founded which was one of his early companies; this was later attained by Intermix Media in 2001, where he assigned himself a new role of spread heading online marketing and brand building for the fast growing company. Later in 2005 Intermix Media was bought by News Corp for more than $650 million.

In 2006, he teamed up with Adam Goldenberg and has since launched three efficacious online businesses together in the field of beauty, fashion, and health. Don Ressler has always taken a keen interest in the fashion industry and follows the latest trends of style and fashion trends which are a key factor in success for his business.

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Don Ressler is also the co-CEO of JustFab. JustFab is an online fashion retailer that offers a variety of shoes, handbags, jewelry. The company is based on an online shopping experience that provides a fun, energetic, engaging and a highly social experience. This was a largely untapped opportunity and Don Ressler along with his partner Adam Goldenberg capitalized on and this allowed them to further expand their services. JustFab provides its customers very personalized shopping experiences according to the member’s specific fashion preferences. JustFab before its inauguration received around $33 million in funding mostly from US venture capital firm Matrix Partners in 2011. Later in 2012, the company also received additional $76 million from different companies including Matrix Partners, Intelligent Beauty, and Technology Crossover Ventures on Instagram. This allowed JustFab to increase its market range and expand its business operation to international destinations including Canada, Germany, and The United Kingdom. With Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg hard work and commitment to make it a success, JustFab has now millions worth customer base all around the world and millions in revenue, generating a huge profit.


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