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How Don and Adam Made TechStyle an Asset in the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry has been immensely transformed by two characteristic gentlemen. They have changed how people buy their apparels be it sporty or formal wear. The two men are Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler. For many years Amazon has dominated the field of fashion e-commerce. This is because people have grown to prefer online shopping because it’s more convenient and possesses greater bargains. In this area of business, opportunities frequently pop up.

Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg have worked hard to ensure that their company, The TechStyle Fashion Group grows to conform to the best marketing techniques. This includes marketing techniques and customer service practices. The TechStyle Fashion Group has taken fashion e-commerce by a storm. TechStyle mothers businesses such as Fabletics, Shoedazzle, FL2 and Just Fab. All these enterprises sell to a specific market and use big data to enhance their manufacturing and marketing strategies. Fabletics stands out among all these businesses because it has managed to establish a brand that is all-inclusive. With Fabletics, women can get what fits them perfectly.

Having created a niche market for itself in fashion e-commerce, TechStyle Group is succeeding on its digital platforms with regards to sales and subscriptions. The company is making a lot of money through monthly subscription fees and the sale of garments. The American consumer has been welcoming to the TechStyle group and other businesses under it like Fabletics. This is because the companies can match their style of marketing with the quality of what they produce. With more people exploring online shopping platforms, TechStyle is working day and night to ensure that it satisfies the demand for the fashion solutions it provides.

Don and Adam attribute their success to being able to reason with the customers and coming up with solutions that are befitting to the client. This is how it has managed to scale the heights in the corporate world. So far their idea is a success because many women prefer active-wear over formal wear.

Don and Adam have deployed a business strategy called reverse showrooming. This approach has distinguished them from other business enterprises like Amazon. Reverse showrooming is used as a sales and marketing plan. Knowing that it is essential to give and maintain a right image, the two businessmen sought the skills of supermodel Kimora Lee Simmons and celebrity Kate Hudson. With the contributions of Kate Hudson towards Fabletics, the brand has managed to win over many women who shop online for apparels. The label has an online website and mobile application that enables its clients to buy easily from anywhere.

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