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Doe Deere Brings Lime Crime To Passionate Makeup Lovers

When it comes to being flawless and fearless, no one does it better than Doe Deere. She is the founder and CEO of the popular cosmetic company, Lime Crime. She’s an individual who is determined, passionate, and doesn’t let the naysayers get to her. She’s worked hard to get to where she is in the business world and has never compromised who she is or her integrity. She marches to the beat of her own drum, makes makeup that literally everyone can enjoy, and always manages to look gorgeous when stepping out into the world. Here’s her story.


Doe Deere launched Lime Crime cosmetics back in 2008. She wanted a cruelty-free makeup line that literally could be utilized by everyone. Deere understands that makeup is so much more than something we just put on our face to look good. It’s a way of life and freedom of expression for many people. Deere realized there was a market for people who wanted to live in the moment when it comes to makeup. They wouldn’t be satisfied by the cheap, mass-produced, products that come from the drugstore. That’s why her line of products are unique, fun, and colorful. When it comes to Lime Crime, Deere has dreamed up almost every color that you can think of! Her lip colors come in pinks, reds, purples, yellows, blues, greens, and so much more! She realizes no two people are created the same and therefore everyone has different tastes in makeup. She launched Lime Crime because she realized that bright colors were hard to come by. She realized that if she really craved the colors then there had to be other people out there who did too!


Deere is really in touch with her makeup. She only brings about new colors when she’s feeling inspired. That’s how she comes out with the best stuff and how she can truly feel that she’s making something that her consumers will connect with. She’s not trying to make a profit like most companies, rather she’s trying to forge a connection with the makeup lovers who buy her products.


Deere stands behind Lime Crime 100% and she understands it. That’s what truly helps her business to be successful. She runs everything online so she’s really able to tinker around with her makeup, the site, and the feel until she gets it right. This clear picture of what she wants Lime Crime to be truly helps. It means she will never sway from the makeup values she built her company on.

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