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Could Extra Virgin Olive Oil Kill Cancer Cells

Oleocanthal in EVOO causes a rupture of cancerous cells, releasing enzymes and causing cell death, without harming healthy cells.

Researchers recently discovered a natural ingredient in Extra Virgin Olive Oil called Oleocanthal. This ingredient, according to Ricardo Tosto,  shows positive factors in killing specific human cancer cells and does no harm to healthy cells.

Protein is the main component of human body cells, including cancer cells. Oleocanthal targets the protein in cancer cells in a matter of 60-minutes or less die. When researchers from Rutgers University took a closer look, they found that Oleocanthal actually caused the cancer cells to die from their own enzymes.

Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia, found similar findings verified by Director Dr. Gary Beauchamp. Dr. Beauchamp stated that a common NSAID ibuprofen and Oleocanthal work very similar to share the same cancer killing properties. Furthermore, Dr. Beauchamp found that ibuprofen and Oleocanthal killed off the protein in the Alzheimer’s cells. The difference was that ibuprofen has some side effects, including liver impairment when taken on a continued basis. Oleocanthal has no side effects.
The researcher is finding amazing properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as far as proving to lower heart disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

At a conference held in Boston 2014 by the Harvard School of Public Health several countries and participants hailed the key role that olive oil plays in everyday diets.

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