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Copa Star Steps Up Patient Care With Innovative Electronic Hospitality System

In its continued efforts to make health care more accessible to patients, the new Hospital Copa Star recently announced its improved electronic patient hospitality system. The hospital was opened in October and has already become a hallmark of technological luxury and efficient health care delivery. Original plans started in 2013 with the hospital’s designer aspiring for it to become the ultimate medical facility of the future in the advancement of medical care.


What The New System Means For Patients

The latest update to the system gives patients the ability to access more of their medical data. In every patient room, there is an iPad with special communication systems. This allows the patient to enter important data, communicate instantly with nurses and have instant access to personal medical data. The comfort of the rooms is also made possible by technology, and patients have a greater deal of control over those features as well.

In addition to benefiting the patient, this system is great for families. It gives them peace of mind and eliminates stressful waiting times that often leave them wondering what is going on or when they will know something. With communication technology placed in operating rooms, families can receive electronic updates much faster than they would by waiting for a member of the surgery team to leave the operating room and provide a verbal update. Also, this ensures that all surgical team members stay in the OR to focus on the surgery.

What The New System Means For Medical Staff

Every level of communication is streamlined, instant and easily recorded with the hospital’s unique system and network of devices. Doctors are notified the instant an exam result is available, and they can send it to a nurse or even a patient with the tap of a screen. If a doctor is away from the facility and wants to communicate, there are also video communication options. The end result is quicker and more efficient care for every patient and less stress for medical professionals.

What Makes Copa Star Shine

According to a hospital spokesperson, over 100 million reals were invested in technology, and the seven-floor hospital itself cost upward of 400 million reals to construct.


In keeping with the focus of advancing technology in every aspect, the hospital employs state-of-the-art surgical and diagnostic equipment. Nothing is outdated. Many of the machines or their corresponding computers are designed to communicate with the network of electronic devices, which lends to the speed of information sharing and result distribution.



The impressive opulence of the Rio de Janeiro hospital’s facade reminds patients of a resort more than a hospital. On the inside, it is apparent that great attention was devoted to even the smallest details. This design was intentional and is meant to break the stereotypical image of a hospital. While most people associate hospitals with disease and illness, a resort style is more indicative of relaxation, recovery and enjoyment. These are all important elements of health maintenance and recovery. Many patients rate their experience in this hospital closer to that of a resort than a typical hospital.

Skilled Professionals

Copa Star boasts over 100 doctors from diverse and applied specialties. They are leaders in their fields and are also successful pioneers in innovation. These professionals are able to treat rare conditions, work with researchers and perform complex surgeries in neurology, cardiology and other concentrations. The hospital has nine surgery rooms, and three of them are considered hybrid ORs. This means that they have the required equipment for performing standard surgeries but also have equipment for completing other tasks. For example, a patient who is in for surgery may also have her blood drawn and have several exams performed simultaneously to save time and keep procedures in other departments running smoothly.


Expansion Beyond The Walls

There is no doubt that this new system brings health care to patients instead of bringing patients to health care. In just a few short months, the new hospital has already gained such a positive response from the city’s residents that the demand for these services has outgrown the hospital’s potential vast reach. A spokesperson at the hospital said that this is good because it shows the success of the hospital’s design and technology applications.

Many who worked on the design of the hospital and its programs are now working on measures to expand similar technology to other existing hospitals in Brazil. They also hope that this expansion and the demand for health care services will result in additional new hospitals with a similar design. As Copa Star continues welcoming patients through its doors, expect to see it continue setting health care technology standards higher for Rio de Janeiro and the rest of Brazil.


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