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Contemporary Art Or Art that is Contemporarily Produced?

A strict interpretation of the term contemporary art is art that is made during a person’s lifetime. In this form, it means contemporary to us. However, this does not satisfy the definition of contemporary art fully because the genre has been in existence longer than some lifetimes. Because of this, contemporary art is art that is done currently, but it has a start date, therefore, it can also reflect history. Contemporary art because of this has become a kind of arbitrary term, but when the art is viewed, it leaves no doubt that the art being viewed is contemporary art and not simply the current iterations of specific art genres.

The trend has been toward abstract art, but this art is highly subjective and can be accomplished by people with no talent for art at all. These people do possess a penchant for selling. This means that by definition abstraction was the contemporary art of the abstract generation. This shows the genius of actual contemporary art. It bases whatever the art that is being produced currently in a separate genre if it does not adhere to the model set forth by the contemporary art movement. This movement has a basis in realism and the talent to produce art realistically, but with a flare that makes the mundane impressive. Because it is rooted in realism, it leaves a record of the past.

When I was young, I used to ask my dad about art that he considered just pictures of what is currently going on, he really had no answer because he was an art purist. To my dad, the contemporary art of which I spoke were simply illustrations and not necessarily art. Determining what is considered art is a question that all genres of art propose to answer or a question that the genre at least proposes. For me, it is simply a need to reproduce the things that inhabited my day. I look back on them with fondness, so I attempt to put the gloss that passing time places on memories into my paintings.

Lately, the interest in the contemporary art scene that has existed since the late 1950’s has been collected by a powerful art collector. Adam Sender (LinkedIn) acquired over 700 of the greatest works that are available in contemporary art. He is currently placing this art on the market. However, the works tour like rock stars. Their latest show was in Miami. It is different because they are for auction, but people can still view the works. Many people do not know this, but it is one of the benefits of what Mr. Sender is achieving by releasing these works.

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