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Contact Lenses and Bacteria: What’s the Difference From Glasses?

If you’re 3 out of any 4 people in the US, then you’ve been tortured by the need for corrective lenses or contact for years. Over 3 times as many people still wear glasses rather than contacts, but could there be a reason why so many choose the traditional standard rather than contacts that maintain your original appearance?

Scientists are looking at all the extra activity going on in contact lenses under their fine-tuned microscopes. The Human Microbiome Program at New York University School of Medicine stated that our eyes have their own ecosystem of bacteria to resist germs, but when contact lenses are used instead of glasses the balance is thrown out of equilibrium.

Their study compared the bacteria living on the eyes of those who wear contact lenses to people that don’t. 20 people were tested in this research and had their eyes swabbed. What they found is that the bacteria on the eyes of those who wear contacts is similar to the bacteria on the skin. This is because when you put in your contacts, finger skin bacteria can linger on that filmy lens and transfer to our eyes’ surface.

While James Dondero feels this may be an alarming find, contact wearers have been advised from the beginning to clean their contacts on a daily basis after wearing them for a while. This helps to clear bacteria from them. Contact wearers are also aware of eye infections due to poor maintenance of their lenses. This find may be a little gross, but if you’re set on keeping your contacts or switching from glasses, make sure you can maintain them properly.

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