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Cone Marshall: Where Experience Meets Integrity

Cone Marshall has established itself as the only firm that deals with international tax and trusts. It is also involved in managing trusts and trustees through its affiliates. It has its main offices in Auckland, New Zealand and a regional office in Switzerland. Geoffrey Cone started his practice in 1999. He later met Karen Marshall, and they agreed to form Cone Marshall.

Geoffrey heads the corporate tax department at Cone Marshall. He also cooperates with Karen Marshall on matters related to trusts. The partners graduated from the University of Otago with law degrees. They have extensive experience in tax and trusts which they amassed before coming together at Cone Marshall. Geoffrey Cone has worked as a commercial litigator, a tax and trust adviser, and was once a chairman and a partner while at a top firm.

Karen started working at the company 11 years ago and rose to become a principal a year later. She was a commercial litigator in London and has also covered some legal cases involving Trusts and claimants. Karen has dealt with trust matters in her whole career.

The matters include representing and advising Charitable Trusts to manage trusts and dealing with settlors and drafting terms of service and contracts. She also consults and provides information to Trusts that seek legal assistance or information on how to address certain issues. She is also a Trustee of a trust company and is involved in overseeing its operations.

Geoffry Cone has written some publications over the years to try and demystify the tax laws in the country. He explains the numerous laws that the state has set in place to ensure that it does not become a tax haven and that integrity is upheld. This was in an article in the New Zealand Herald. He assures people that the country is not a tax haven since it does not withhold information from other governments upon request.

He claimed that the country has a transparent banking sector. The OECD does not blacklist new Zealand as a tax haven. This gives it a lot of credibility internationally. He also notes that many people have been deceived into thinking that foreign trusts with interests in the country mean that tax evasion is taking place.

This is not necessarily the case according to this article on the company. Many of the firms working with these trusts are managed by attorneys who understand these laws. According to Crunchbase, Cone Marshall is one of the enterprises that works to ensure that the law set by the New Zealand government apply to everyone who works with them.

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