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It appears that GOP Presidential nominee candidate Mrs. Hillary Clinton is rising in popularity and votership as a whole as the Presidential debate comes to a rapid arrival and soon to begin. With Mr. Donald Trump not too far behind her tail, it will be both entertaining and interesting to see just how far this entire race goes before things wrap up once and for all. As many agree and argue, it is indeed an end time event and apocalyptic scenario for all to behold…..time is running out, folks! Who is it going to be: Donald Trump the Republican or Hillary Clinton the Democrat? For both, time is limited and running out. Voters must choose carefully and wisely with the few days we have left upon on time here on this earth……for indeed, time is short! You only live once on this earth in this life form, and then comes eternity and the judgment….be it good or bad based upon your works in this life.

So and with that said, what you sow here in this life will reap seeds for all of eternity….ages and generations to come, some have said. Vote wisely and choose wisely. Redeem your time and spend it very carefully, for the days are truly evil under the sun. Know who to vote for, who may turn this nation and globe in the healthy direction upon which it was founded by God through the founding fathers. Know. Vote, with the future and eternity in mind…..for you only live once in this form. Make it count. Do not hand over the keys to someone who will raise the national debt or promote drugs and liberal lifestyle which will only further corrupt and cripple the crumbling economy and system. Be smart.

With that said, now, I quote a rather interesting online news source article which may be read in full by following this link: (, pg. 1)
“Trump will have an opportunity for a game-changing event on Monday when the candidates square-off at the first presidential on Long Island, which is expected to attract upwards of 100 million viewers.Clinton stumbled badly at the beginning of September….”
Vote for Donald Trump and not for Hillary Clinton. The evidence and statistics are in his favor.

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