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Clinton may be best left per Koch

Hillary Clinton was surely not the best option for the first choice of Charles and David Koch for President, but as per a recent interview with them she may be the best remaining choice in the campaign.

The Koch brothers, long supporters of the Republican Party and various conservative causes have been clearly disgusted with the Republican field for President and have, to date, sat out this election cycle. While they have not thrown money to either support or disavow any candidate for President on the Republican side, they have made their opinions vocal.

Donald Trump, they believe, does not support or represent the ideals of the Republican Party and his beliefs of building a wall and taking away the rights of various Muslim Americans is a misstep. Once you take away the rights of the most vulnerable Americans it becomes easier to take away the rights of the others. Trump, famously, had approached the Koch brothers for funding before disavowing them and the use of Super PAC funds once he was rejected by them.

Ted Cruz on the other hand, has long been considered to be on the fringe of the Republican Party and is disliked by many insiders. The positions that Cruz takes are considered to be unreasonable by many and poorly thought out by others, such as converting back to the gold standard. For Charles Koch, Cruz’s comments on carpet bombing the Middle East until the sand glows as a response to Isis was specifically offensive, given the loss of the hearts and minds of many citizens in these countries and the expanded future impact that would be needed to deal with the terrorists as a result of this violence.

While Koch did say that Clinton may be the best remaining option, she does not have their unflinching support. While she may be better than Cruz or Trump they clearly are not in line with her positions on many issues. Overall, Charles is hoping that her comments made during the campaign, during which her positions have moved increasingly more liberal to counter Bernie Sanders’ positions, are mere statements to appease the liberal wing of the Democratic Party and will not be policy positions that she will ultimately implement if Hillary becomes President.

Still, given the potential impact that Trump or Cruz might have on the country, she may provide to be the better President in Koch’s eyes.

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